Feeding Log 9-24-13


                Thanks to the mercy of the League system, I did poorly this week but managed to only lose a small amount of LP from where I was previously after regaining much of it from a win in my last game.  Overall, this week was a sort of frustrating series of throws, with games that could’ve easily been winnable that were lost due to either lack of coordination or game knowledge.  Still, there were some good moments here, and I think I’m pretty aware of what I did that I could’ve improved to make winning more possible.



                My laning here was terrrrible.  While I managed to keep pretty ahead on CS thanks to our poke, we got caught out really badly by ganks several times, and died several times through misguided attempts to roam upward to help others in ganks inside our own jungle.  I wound up getting pretty far behind as a result and spent most of the early game trying to play catchup on CS.

The rest of the game was pretty heartbreaking.  We came back from our early deficit and got a pretty good lead going with a lot of momentum, but ultimately threw it away by not grouping to push an objective and getting aced while split up as a result.  It’s tough, but once again, I can’t emphasize enough how important it is to group up.  Those wolves in the jungle will still be there when you get back.

What I did well: I turned things around pretty well in teamfights and got a lot of clutch kills with my ultimate.  It’s crazy how much damage you can put out with an Ezreal Q and the right items, and I managed to sneak quite a few of them through the back line towards priority targets.  Also, I had a completely accidental Dragon steal when I shot a blind Q over the wall to see if it hit anybody.  We’ll just say it was all perfectly planned and calculated, and that I really am a god at Ezreal.

What I need to improve: A lot.  First of all, I need to switch around that item build a bunch.  The second Sheen there is mostly due to the desperate badgering of my teammates for an Iceborn Gauntlet, despite already getting Sheen procs from the Triforce that won’t stack with it.  Instead, I should’ve gotten a Last Whisper.  I think it’s also definitely worth considering dropping the Manamune at this point and getting a Blade of the Ruined King or even an Infinity Edge for the extra straight up damage; Manamune takes too long to get going now that I’m not rushing it.  In addition, I really need to work on keeping my farm up in the late game.  I have a support player’s mindset at heart, which means I am very rarely thinking about farming, and it hurts on AD Carry when I need to be getting as much farm as possible.  Besides that, not getting caught so much early would be great (thanks, Arcane Shift!).



                The tale of this throw is the tale of not properly understanding one’s own team composition.  What we have, by and large, is what you might call a “poke/disengage” composition; a team designed to hang back and throw out a lot of damage from poke and harass, and then go in and take objectives while the enemy team is too hurt from the harass to properly contest them.  Ezreal, Jayce, and Sona all have fairly reliable long range harass, and Gragas has long range damage in addition to a strong disengage knockback ultimate for the situations where you get engaged upon (i.e., Nocturne ultimate.)

However, we didn’t play our cards right here and it cost us the game.  We tried to play a poke comp like a pick comp, roaming the map looking for kills on people who were caught out.  What you may realize about this strategy is that their team is much better suited for this style of play than ours, so despite the early lead we acquired through superior laning, we got squashed when we tried to out-assassin the assassin team.  Still, it was very close, and really could’ve gone either way.

What I did well: My early game burst harass on Sona is getting to be elevated to an artform.  Sona was my “main” and my favorite champion for a long time, so my laning play on her tends to still be noticeably stronger than other supports at times.  When paired with Ezreal, we managed to almost completely zone Vayne out of the first several waves of farm and kept her and Lux very damaged to the point of having difficulty responding to pushes.  And hey, I didn’t steal that many kills this game!  I sort of do that a lot on Sona, and I’m trying to work on not being quite such an unstoppable killing machine.  It’s hard being this great.

What I need to improve: The late game didn’t go so hot, and my vision probably could’ve been better, which would have helped enormously against not getting jumped on by Jax or Kassadin.  I tried to use my W Power Chord to head off the burst damage from the assassins, but in the end it wasn’t enough and we got caught out too much.  I didn’t have any particularly great Crescendos either; I need to start saving that for times where I can get at least two people with it.



                These are some scary friggin’ teams, now that I look at them like this.  First thing to notice: Leona pick!  I don’t normally play Leona in soloqueue because I tend to think she’s very communication reliant and all-in, which is a bad combination if your laning partner isn’t necessarily on the same page as you.  If I pop all my abilities and dive in with E and my carry doesn’t follow up, it can easily mean death for me.  Against Blitzcrank, though, there’s not much you can do better than a Leona pick; we Leona players tend to refer to Rocket Grab as “That move that gives me a free gapcloser.”  Thanks to a well-timed gank from Nasus we were able to snowball early, and the global pressure from Karthus’s ult really turned some clutch fights in our favor with the extra damage.  We had sort of a scary dive-oriented composition, but it paid off in the end and we were able to snowball along to the win.

What I did well: Those engages!  I hit some really good E’s and managed to zap to people just in time for the team to close in on them and finish them off.  I had some really good saves with judicious use of the Shurelya’s Reverie active as well, and I think my choice to go with Boots of Mobility is something I really need to consider doing much more often on supports – I think in pro play it’s actually the Boots item of choice on supports at the moment because of the sheer amount of map presence increase it gives you.  On Leona, it’s a no-brainer, because of the ability to close in on people and then lock them up with your stupid amount of crowd control.  Once Leona gets going with an aggressive ADC like Vayne, it’s a very tough train to stop, and we got Vayne the momentum she needed to push us into the late game win.

What I need to improve: I stole sort of a lot of kills here, although a lot of them were just as a result of my W blowing up and killing someone next to me as we fought.  While I did his most of my stuff, I’m having a recurring problem of trying to anticipate people’s dodges and then being surprised when they don’t even try to dodge.  Maybe I’m giving my opponents too much credit?  Either way, I shouldn’t be so scared to decisively place a skillshot in a way that isn’t completely predictive.  Beyond that, I could’ve again benefited from placing more vision on the map, but I think this game was better than the previous one in that regard.


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