Feeding Log: 10-2-2013 – Twisted Treeline Edition Part One

This week I’m going to be taking a bit of a different angle on the Feeding Log, as I’ll be including three games from my ranked 3v3 team on Twisted Treeline.  TT is a lot less structured in terms of meta, but my analysis will still largely be focused on my own performance, with some insight about general team strategies as well since we’re a complete arranged set.



                This one suffered from severe lack of damage disease.  We’re a really tanky composition here, that relies on Kassadin to get fed and carry with his damage, but the problem was that we didn’t manage to snowball Kassadin enough, and so Fizz outscaled him.  Zac’s revive passive is even more annoying on this gametype due to having fewer people to pop the blobs, so in the end, the combination of Fizz and Nocturne’s damage with the power of Zac’s tankiness and revivals made it hard to gain traction here.

What I did well: My ultimates were right on the money here, and I locked up multiple people in the stunning epicenter in several different fights.  Leona remains a stupidly powerful asset on this map due to the heavy amount of crowd control and the lockup gap closer, and she did bring some damage to the table with the detonation of W.

What I need to improve: I had NO money this game because I don’t really have the farming rhythm of Twisted Treeline down well enough yet to be able to know when the right times to duck into the jungle and get extra CS are.  Given that normally I don’t take ANY CS when I play Leona, it’s hard to get into the right mindset to farm some on her, and her abilities can make lasthitting things quickly really difficult.  On top of that, I’m not sure about rushing the Locket first; I feel like against their team a quick Spirit Visage or even a Banshee’s Veil may have been a better option.



                The enemy team here is pretty much entirely made up of the token Twisted Treeline champions, many of which are normally banned.  We went in this still smarting from the lack of damage in the last game, so I think we overcompensated here and picked a team that was way too squishy.  Elise was our tankiest member, but compared to Singed and Darius, we were evaporating in fights.

What I did well: I put on a ton of pressure at the beginning of the game and helped contribute to a lot of map control even though we got behind on kills.  My farm was really high and I was able to zone the hell out of Darius whenever he showed his face, and I think I’ve gotten pretty good at aiming the shock combos where they need to be.  My items are a fun set too; Phage is a stupidly good item on this map, and I always love having Last Whisper on Jayce.

What I need to improve: My positioning in fights was crap, and I tended to go in way too early with the melee mode.  Instead, I should’ve stayed back and focused on pretending I was an ADC, hoping for the CC from Elize and Zyra to peel people before they got to me.  Sadly, I went HAM and paid for it by getting obliterated almost instantly every fight.  Cannon form is good!  Use cannon form a lot.  As a side note, I did a Normal 3v3 game after this with Jayce, and it’s pretty silly how good your autoattacks are when you have W on at max rank.  Jayce has a lot of damage and a lot of it is safe, so I need to stop going all in on the dangerous abilities.



                Is…is that a victory I see?  We won one finally, even if we did have to sort of embrace the dark side a little bit to pull it off.  Jarvan and Zac are pretty much unmitigated BS at this point, and Zac’s revive passive is incredibly hard to destroy on this game mode.  I liked the Annie pick a lot and was able to put out a huge amount of damage while still providing incredible stun opportunities and a fair bit of tankiness myself.  Zac was our star, though; the damage graphs at the end of this one were frankly embarrassing, as Zac did enough damage to equal all the rest of us combined.  The enemy team also didn’t really do themselves any favors; Amumu built very very squishy and so they were lacking the front line Viktor needed to put out the hurt.

What I did well:  TIBBERS.  Tibbers is such a good way to punish people who all crowd onto an altar to take it.  I jumped on any excuse I had to drop a stun bear on somebody, and the bear itself was a pretty huge asset as well, saving several people with his general tankiness and his AoE damage aura.  Annie’s damage output gets crazy as she scales, and the fact that every four casts produces a 1.75s stun is just enormously helpful in winning teamfights.  I liked my build order here too; normally I’d rush a Rod of Ages on Annie, but on Twisted Treeline I think the Wooglet’s Witchcap is such a shockingly good and necessary item that I beelined for it.  It paid off, as the Zhonya’s style active on it is so important when it comes to surviving fights.

What I need to improve: The laning here was pretty weak.  Jarvan spent the first part of the game jungling, which means I should’ve been able to get a good solid bit of experience and farm on my own, but I let Amumu and Viktor zone me pretty hard and didn’t really start to rack up CS until late game where my waveclear scaled into absurdity.   Also, I was late to a lot of fights, but we won them anyway because Zac’s passive is stupid.

3v3 is interesting and people who have the group should give it a shot sometime.  It’s very fast paced and fight-heavy, so if you find the sort of slow escalation of Summoner’s Rift 5v5s to be a bit frustrating, Twisted Treeline can be a fun way to break up the formula.  I’ll probably be doing some more features in here on it as our team progresses, but next week, it’ll be back to 5v5 soloqueue.


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