Back to the Mines: Spelunky Roulette Mixes Saltybet and Spelunky With Amazing Results

For those of us who loved SaltyBet and all the virtual imaginary gambling it entailed, there is a new, equally entertaining alternative available for fans of Spelunky.  Spelunky Death Roulette is a platform for the betting of imaginary money on Twitch streams of Derek Yu’s Spelunky, a high mortality rate platformer/roguelike with a randomly generated set of perpetually deadly levels.

Unlike Saltybet, though, the money here isn’t riding on a winner, but a method of losing: players place imaginary money on guesses as to the likely cause of the unfortunate streaming player’s inevitable demise. It works in no small part due to the highly mercurial nature of mortality in Spelunky, and there’s a fun novelty to rooting for someone to fail, but only in a very specific way.  Check it out at .

Credit for discovering this gem goes to Rock Paper Shotgun’s Graham Smith at


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