Feeding Log 11-5-2013


                This is starting to feel like the kind of journal you’d find on a dusty corpse in a game like Mass Effect, chronicling a man’s slow descent into madness before his inevitable demise.  This week was a reminder of why I didn’t play ranked in the past, and my frustration with the player experience of the league system is starting to take away my ability to see the forest for the trees.  At any rate, I at least had some interesting opportunities this time.



                Holy shit, someone let me top lane! So, full disclosure, we probably only won this one because the enemy jungler disconnected.  I sort of got dumpstered by Riven top, although I was able to keep up with her in CS pretty effectively despite the amount of pressure she put on. Whatever, a win’s a win, even when it’s a 4v5, so I guess I won’t look a gift horse in the mouth, eh?

                What I did well: SHEN PRESS R TO MAKE TEAMFIGHT GO BETTER.  The whole “split push and then teleport into fight” thing is a lot more fun for me than I’d like to admit, and I had a good time pressuring the hell out of top lane only to appear right at the crucial moment in a teamfight and dashingly taunt the entire enemy team.  Shen’s sheer tankiness and resistance to pressure in lane is always impressive, and I felt like I contributed a lot to fights with good taunt accuracy.

                What I need to improve: I need to teleport a lot earlier, in anticipation of heavy damage rather than while it occurs.  I think Shen is great practice for global map awareness in the same way that Karthus or Twisted Fate are, and it’s a good way to make yourself be constantly checking to see if there is somewhere that needs your presence badly at any given time.  I think I had a pretty good sense of that, but there were definitely a few moments where I could have prevented some loss by having better awareness and timing.



                This kind of sucked a lot. We did pretty well in lane, but boy did the other lanes and the jungle completely buckle and cost the game.  Our matchup against Vayne and Sona actually played out extremely well, and we secured some early kills despite some pressure in the lane.  Lucian and I synced up pretty well and we were able to make plays, but wowzers did the other lanes collapse. Alas, another loss.

                What I did well: I hit some good bubbles and I feel like Lucian and I had some great synergy in lane.  I think I’m getting a lot better at putting Tidecaller’s Blessing on people at the appropriate moments and generally just keeping a better handle on Nami’s abilities.  Her ultimate is on a shorter cooldown than I’ve given it credit for in the past, and I feel like I’m getting beter at being less hesitant to fire it out at an appropriate time. I’m getting a little better at leading the bubbles and compensating for the giant wind up on them, which increases Nami’s usefulness by a huge amount.

                What I need to improve: Being willing to dodge games with a Master Yi on my team, I guess?  I don’t really know that we got to a point of the game where my performance really negatively impacted anything, so I have a hard time feeling bad about how I performed, despite the loss.  Lucian and I kicked ass and then got dunked by the rest of the fed enemy team, so it’s hard for me to get an accurate metric here.  I’m not super pleased with the Twin Shadows in my inventory, I suppose.



                Ah, the Caitlyn/Sona lane.  We got crapped on pretty hard in lane here because of a general incapability to deal with the insane amount of poke coming from the pair we were against.  Leona wasn’t my first choice, but my carry requested an aggressive support with CC, and no one fits that bill better.  Anyway, this was the tale of the snowballers in the jungle and mid. Katarina and Rengar both got incredibly fed off of mid and the jungle and pretty much steamrolled us. Coupled with getting beaten in lane, this was a lost cause.

                What I did well: Not a whole lot. I had a good kill or two with some clever rolling of my crowd control, but in the end, Leona is an all in and can’t afford to get behind.  Once we got behind, it was pretty much game over for us bot lane, especially once the fed carries from other lanes started to leak into our own.

                What I need to improve: I need to be more willing to get in people’s faces when I play Leona.  If I’d been more gutsy and willing to get up in Sona or Caitlyn’s business, we probably could have outduelled them and forced them out of lane, but instead, I hesitated and let them get the advantage with their insane amount of harass. Leona should be a counter to poke oriented compositions, but it requires a mindset that’s willing to go a little crazy for kills or pressure, and I’m not great at the all-in engage.  I need to get a little less fight squeamish and a little more willing to go a bit crazy for the sake of a trade.





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