Feeding Log: Season 3 End

            So, that’s a wrap on Season 3! Alas, I didn’t make it to silver despite my last ditch effort to make a mad dash for it on the final day of the season, but I still feel pretty good about my personal progress in Ranked throughout the last few months. I made a good try of it and came pretty close, and that’s about as much as I can ask of myself. I’m improving at non-support roles and even managing to carry a few times along the way, and I think my general game awareness and knowledge has increased from writing this feature and looking back at my performances.



            We got carried preeetty hard here! Vayne and I had a rough lane matchup experience against Varus and Soraka. It wasn’t a lot of kill pressure aside from Varus’s ultimate, but the unlimited mana and nearly unlimited sustain coming from Soraka really made Varus’s harass a problem. Jax, however, went absolutely crazy top lane and dumpstered Swain completely, getting a bunch of early kills and generally snowballing into ludicrous apeshit hypercarry mode. He eventually just became so much of a problem for the enemy team that we overwhelmed them on his back.  Yay!

What I did well: Well, we held on pretty well despite being against a combo of virtually unlimited harass + sustain, and I had a few carefully chosen ultimates that did some miracle work against the Jarvan IV ultimate. I’ve been getting a lot better at carefully using Janna’s ultimate lately; I think before, I was overly concerned with trying to make HUGE PLAYS with it rather than just using it for what it is: a hell of a knockback + heal combo. At any rate, we were able to hold on until Jax snowballed out of control, which is all we needed to do, really.

What I need to improve: I somehow managed to get bullied by a Soraka, which isn’t exactly the greatest thing on Earth. She and Varus make for a pretty nasty combo, as it lets him fire his Piercing Arrow around with reckless abandon while not really worrying about his mana costs thanks to Infuse. Vayne’s also not really equipped to deal with that kind of constant harass, so it was a tough laning environment. In general, I need to get a little bit more responsive with my shields and use them in anticipation of action on the part of either carry, rather than being purely reactive with them.



            I was possessed by the red mist in this game and somehow got incredibly fed and became an unstoppable killing machine. Coupling that with getting Sivir going and the unstoppable inevitability of Nasus meant that this was kind of a stomp. The enemy team started to gain a little bit of traction as the game went on, but by that point the sheer force of gold we’d accumulated from all the kills, towers, and dragons meant that our tactical blunders were smoothed over by a huge amount of cash dollars.

What I did well:  Dragon jump on bad guy make health bar go boom. I used my ult really well here and had some really clutch dive moments with it where I leapt over a bunch of people to eat someone. Shyvana’s cleartimes remain stupidly fast and her ability to shove out a lane quickly makes her a great fit for the type of heavy pushing comp we had going here. Basically, every lane did their thing and it made my job really easy and honestly made my KDA appear much more impressive than it should have. I had some very timely ganks, though, and it helped the lanes to get rolling, especially mid lane.

What I need to improve: I probably spent a little too much time farming and I definitely stole way too many kills. Shyvana does a lot of damage, even with a fairly tanky build like mine, but kills still belong on carries, not on dragons. I don’t think a huge amount of the kills I got were ones that I stole out from under people, but still, I think I got the bloodlust a little too hard and started murdering too many people instead of letting the carries do it. Basically, I was TOO badass. Introspection is important.



            Well, someone made the mistake of letting me carry, and worse yet, I didn’t pick Ezreal. But hey, it all turned out okay in the end! Also: we had a really awful team comp! Thankfully, we somehow managed to be, as my duoqueued support put it, “the most competent bunch of idiots I’ve ever seen,” and so despite our hideously bad picks and less than stellar start, we turned it around and won. I feel kind of bad about that, as I think we beat people who may have actually been intelligent.

What I did well: I was a dirty opportunist who stole kills with my ultimate and I didn’t feel bad because I was the ADC and I deserved this. TREAT YOSELF.

I managed to focus my damage intelligently and stay out of trouble most of the game, and I didn’t get rushed in teamfights despite having virtually no peel whatsoever on my teammates’ kits. I’m not sure if this was a function of my own positioning and awareness or if the enemy team just wasn’t properly focusing me, but either way, I felt pretty good about my ability to stay alive in fights and do cleanup.  I also felt pretty good about my lasthitting in lane, which is something I’m always hesitant about and working on improving. Someday I’ll just go into a game as Nasus and play whack-a-mole for 40 minutes, but for now, I’ll take the CSing practice where I can get it.

What I need to improve:  I need to get a better handle on trading in lane as an ADC. It’s especially hard to pull off against Caitlyn and I think I managed to minimize the amount of needless damage I took, but I still don’t really have the concept of lane harass down on autoattackers yet.

Beyond that, I need to generally improve my decision making when it comes to choosing to farm vs. choosing to push as a team on ADC. There’s a lot of temptation to run off to a sidelane and zone out into creepfarming mode for a while, but you also need to maintain presence in teamfights and I sometimes have a hard time balancing the two. Still, it paid off here.

So that’s that for Season Three. No silver yet, but I’m well on the way to getting better at ranked soloqueue and steadily advancing. I’ll be transitioning into writing this about the preseason soon, and as Season Four starts I hope to keep this log going from start to finish. See you then.


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