Hero Worship: Disruptor


This hero, guys. This fucking hero. I think I may have found The One, and I’m currently working up the courage to ask Disruptor if he’d like to be best friends and maybe come to my birthday party and talk about boys.

Like the name not-so-subtly implies, Disruptor is all about screwing up what an enemy hero is trying to do. Moving people around, keeping them where they are, silencing them for an extended period if they remain in an AoE, Disruptor and his lizard mount are the guys for the job if you want to dominate where the enemy can, can’t, and must go.

The downside being that Disruptor is pretty useless on his own. All of his abilities are somewhat slow-boiling, and only his Q and his ult do any kind of damage, both of which deal long term building damage rather than immediate nuking. However, it seems like if you stick to teamfighting and make sure to always have a buddy around, you can really set up some crazy stuff if you use your abilities right.


Repeatedly strikes the targeted unit with lightning. Each strike damages nearby enemy units in a small radius.

At first, I thought this was a pushing tool for clearing out minion waves, but as I used it more I realized the real value of it is the six seconds of constant vision it gives you on an enemy. At max rank, Disruptor’s Glimpse has 1800 range, so if you’re chasing someone and they get the lead on you, putting Thunder Strike on them before they get out of that range can let you see them long enough to get the Glimpse on them and pull them back into the team.

Aside from that, the damage is pretty mediocre, although if you get it on someone in a group and combo it with Kinetic Field and Static Storm, it can add up. Still, I stick with my original assessment: the vision is best part of the ability. Stick it on anyone you want to keep an eye on.


Teleports the target hero back to where it was 4 seconds ago. Instantly kills illusions.

Now we’re talking. This is the kind of wacky playmaking ability that I love using. It’s flashy, it’s got a huge range at level four, and it can completely screw over your team if you’re not careful when you use it. You have to keep a mental counter of four seconds going in your head when you’re eyeballing a Glimpse target.

Thankfully, you’ve got the perfect tool for that. Thunderstrike strikes roughly once every one and a half seconds, so if you apply it to the target (which you should be doing for the vision anyway) you can keep a count on the strike and then just use the ability after the second strike.

Glimpse is just fantastic. It can be used to yank a chased target back, it can be used to set up Kinetic field, it can be used to send teleported people back to base, it can be used to buy you some breathing room if you’re being chased. It is the most versatile tool in your Disruptor toolbox.


After a short formation time, creates a circular barrier of kinetic energy that enemies can’t pass.

If Glimpse is the butter of Disruptor, Kinetic Field is the bread. An AoE battlefield control mechanicsm that can be used either to trap people or to force them to seek out alternative routes, Kinetic Field feels like the key way you manage people in a teamfight situation positionally. There’s a bit of a lead in time on the casting, so you can’t use it to instantly snag someone, but you can place it around the location where Glimpse is going to drop someone off, or you can put it down to cut off an escape route or corral people into a specific place.

Combining this with your ultimate really lets you rack up damage and crowd control in such a way as to be a nearly perfect teamfight combo. It’s worth keeping in mind, though, that it doesn’t affect magic immune targets and can be circumvented by things like Blinking (but not the Force Staff.)


Creates a damaging static storm that also silences all enemy units in the area for the duration. The damage starts off weak, but increases in power over the duration.

The coup de grace of the AoE combo, this thing does a crazy amount of damage with an Aghanim’s Scepter and can silence an entire team if they’re stupid enough to clump up together before a teamfight with a Disruptor around. It may not be hard crowd control, but a five second AoE silence is nothing to sneeze at in a teamfight, and any team that’s clumped around a tower is going to regret it if they stick around in the cloud long enough to keep the damage ticking.

It was tempting to use this after I corralled everyone into your Kinetic Field, but I think the opposite might be more effective, especially if you have a Scepter and can silence the item usage of the people affected, really sealing them into the field.

Disruptor is a blast to play and really forces the enemy team to think carefully about their movements. People who aren’t paying attention to what they’re doing are perfect subjects for Glimpsing, you have an almost unparalleled level of teamfight management with Kinetic Field and Static Storm, and Thunder Strike makes sure no one gets out of your sight. Disruptor, will you marry me?


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