Right to Remain Silent: The Wolf Among Us, Episode 1

I decided to put The Walking Dead on hold for a bit, as it’s a hell of a downer at times and I want something a little less unbelievably bleak at the moment. Thankfully, Telltale has provided me with exactly that; The Wolf Among Us, the first episode of which I’ve played for today.

As a quick matter of character, I’ve decided to play Bigby as a rough kind of guy with a soft spot where women are concerned as part of his ongoing effort to improve himself from his rather colored past. I’ve never read any of the Fables books, so my character knowledge of Bigby is solely what I’ve learned from the game. That said, Bigby is a bit of beast inside so I have a sense that he’ll slip from time to time, and I’m not going to pull any punches against people who deserve it. Naturally, there will be spoilers for the game here. With that out of the way, let’s take a look at The Wolf Among Us: Episode One.


Well, it didn’t help much in the end, but I gave Faith the money. Not that I get the sense that Bigby had a lot of cash to throw around to begin with, but Faith probably needed it more than I did.

I liked Faith a lot, so the sucker punch of her death really got me. I’d hoped I was able to mitigate some of the danger she was looking in by helping her out here, but that, uh, obviously wasn’t the case. Still, I can’t imagine not giving her the money here. She’s too rad to not help out, and she seemed to know Bigby somehow.


I utilized my favorite thing Telltale provides me with here, which is the right to remain silent. I told Beauty I wouldn’t let Beast in on what she was up to, and I stuck to that promise and let the elevator doors shut on his face. That’s not to say that I find anything wrong with Beast, but it’s not my place to go messing with his and Beauty’s business.

Beauty’s definitely up to something, though, but I don’t think it’s necessarily something antagonistic or bad as much as it is something Beast would disapprove of because it’s dangerous or threatening to Beauty in some way.

I’m a bit surprised how harshly I was in the minority on this one. I think some of this probably has to do with the relative obscurity of the silence option, but 6.8% is a hell of a small group to be in on a choice like this. I’d be interested to see how many people did decide to rat out what Beauty was up to, or if more people straight up decided to tell Beast to shove it to his face.


Toad’s problem here just seemed more imminent. Lawrence certainly looked like he wasn’t doing so hot, but my suspicion was that he was probably already screwed, and that Toad’s situation was probably still salvageable. I like Toad, despite his slipperiness, and so I wanted to try to help him out of trouble if I could; I’d feel pretty awful if something bad happened to him because I put his problems lower on my priority list.


…So I guess maybe my call up above might have cost Lawrence his life. I’m actually pretty surprised to learn that Lawrence can survive; he seemed pretty far up shit creek when I saw him, but I suppose if I had decided to come here first and leave Toad for later, I might have been able to salvage the situation.

I strongly doubt it was the gun that killed him, given the evidence at the scene. The bullet seemed to have been fired some time beforehand, so I think something more elaborate is at work with regard to Lawrence’s death. Still, I can’t shake the feeling that I let the trail get cold here, and the knowledge that I could have saved him doesn’t make that feeling any better.


I feel pretty good about my guess here. The pimp in question is a complete unknown at this point, and none of the suspect’s I’ve been presented with besides him have seemed all that compelling to me.

Lawrence obviously didn’t do it, since, well, Lawrence is a little too dead to be lopping people’s heads off. As much as Bigby and the Woodsman are at odds, this kind of serial killing really doesn’t seem like it’s within his capacities; he’s a simple guy with a simple mindset, and I don’t think he’s all that deeply sinister so much as he is just a rough bastard. On similar lines, I’m fairly sure that Dee and Dum are just thugs, and this kind of thing goes way beyond them.

The only real wild card beyond the pimp is Bluebeard, who has a certain kind of foreboding enigma around him and it certainly seems like Bigby has a lingering suspicion of him. The document on him earlier in the chapter also indicates that he has the ability to harm Fables in the way we’ve seen, but I think he’s been so disconnected from the story so far that I have a hard time suddenly jumping to him as my suspect at the moment.


Dee’s the one who matters here, so I went after him. The Woodsman’s a bastard, but I still don’t think he’s really all that related to what’s happening with the murders, and he’s definitely not the one who killed Faith. Dee, on the other hand, is verifiably connected to the larger plot at hand, and to top it all off, I owed him one for the cheap shot on me earlier in the game.

I really like the twists and turns The Wolf Among Us has taken so far, and I’m really looking forward to diving into the second episode sometime in the next week or so. The story’s still weighty and gritty, but not overwhelmingly so like Walking Dead, and the cast of characters is very likeable and compelling. Stay tuned.


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